We specialize in intelligent planning and operations decision-making software, based on mathematical optimization algorithms. 
Our solutions allow you to make the best possible use of resources such as people, machines and inventory; and you achieve return on your investment within months.

Integration : These are best-of-breed solutions that seamlessly integrate to your existing IT systems.

Technology : Operations Research is the most appropriate technology when it comes to complex decision-making processes. Mathematical algorithms can calculate the best alternatives from a very large number of possibilities. Solutions based on Operations Research are far superior to those reached through manual planning.

In addition to algorithm/models, Fuzzy Logic is used to formulate human intelligence and experience so that it can be used by computers. With Fuzzy Logic it is possible to combine the flexible human approach to solving complex problems with the efficiency of computer programs.

Core Values:

Strategic focus:

Quantitative and data driven solutions in the domains of transportation, retail and finance with an emphasis on analytics, planning and scheduling solutions. The specific products we would be targeting are container planning and placement optimization, inventory planning and optimization, fleet planning and route optimization, financial risk management and promotions planning and scheduling for retail.



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